About Us

Tierra International Construction Corporation is a privately-owned corporation based in Makati City. We provide executive housing in major Makati Villages catering to the foreign community. In addition to offering the newest and best houses on the market, Tierra also offers the following products and services to our clientele during their stay:

  • 24 hour customer support service
  • 24 hour access to emergency maintenance teams
  • Dedicated Customer Care Officer to handle housing and maintenance
  • Optional Extended Maintenance Programs and Special Offers

Tierra is currently the largest single supplier of first class expat housing in Makati Villages and has also worked extensively abroad on housing and other construction projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, and Micronesia as well as on the U.S. military base of Diego Garcia. With nearly 30 years as a leader in the industry, Tierra's quality, competitive pricing, attention to detail and determination to provide a first class customer experience is the benchmark by which others in the industry are measured.

Our Vision

Tierra International seeks to maintain its industry leadership in the provision of expat housing within the Makati Villages with a focus on maintaining its reputation for first class construction quality and superior customer service.

We want our customers to think of us as their housing specialist. As such, we are in business to provide a well designed and comfortable living experience for expat executives and their families and to make their housing stay in the Philippines a positive one.  As full service housing professionals, we will provide for all our customers housing and maintenance needs during their stay.